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University of Yaounde 1 General Assembly Department of African Literature and Civilizations

University of Yaounde 1 Department of African Literature and Civilizations General Assembly

The General Assembly for the Department of Literature and Civilisations was held on November 11, 2022. The theme was African Civilisations and the Rights of Man, with a Hommage to Josephine Baker (1906 - 1975) and Desmond Tutu (1931-2021).

Professor Cecile Ebosse Dolisane is the Department Head an invited guests such as Pr. Getard-Marie Messina, Dr Simon Pierre Omgba Mbida Dr. Erik Essousse, Pr. Mouangue Kobila to speak on the theme. Partners are ARHF, DAAD, FULBRIGHT, Editeurs.

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