Multi - Media Videos and Promotions

Photo & Video Documentation
2023 Essay Contestants
Global Day of Community Service 2023
Restitution 101: A History of Theft Premiere & Discussion Session
Pa'a Ngouo'ok Bapa 2023 Festival and Official Launch of the Grassfields Research Museum
The Nkunkuma of Okoa Visits the ARHF HQ
YCLPDP-Youth Cultural Language Preservation Discovery Program - Writing Workshop
The Woman King (Nkunkuma Marie-Louise Zoa) of the Royal Palace of Okoa
Ministry of Women and Children Tanzania
ARHF's Official Legal Documentation is Signed, Sealed and Delivered
Nicamex 2nd Edition - Yaounde 2023
Baleng Cultural Knowledge Week
Inaugural Member/Volunteer Organizational Meeting for the First International Branch in Cameroon
CRTV & RBR 99.5 FM Discussing ARHF International Expansion
Siili, Book Fair, Yaounde, Cameroon
Quartier Mozart Black History Month 2023 Yaounde, Cameroon
Board of Director Nkunkuma Professor Gerard M Messina Receives City of Eastpointe Proclamation
Black History Month 2023 at Dabl African Bead Museum
Anita's 60th Birthday Cultural Event
Visiting City of Eastpointe Mayor Monique Owens
Black History Month 2023 at Hopkinsville Community College
Crowns and Jewels with Professor Anita Diop - Everyday Odu Podcast
CIC 2022 New African Thought
University of Yaounde 1 General Assembly Department of African Literature and Civilizations
Culture is the New Currency: Key to New African Thought
Quartier Mozart Cultural Art Gallery
African Princess Elevates to Mafo of Baleng
Paramount Chief Marie Louise Zoa of Soa Cameroon
Professor Asante Keti Molefi Receives Papyrus of High Scientific Distinction Award
Eight Days of the Week Royaume de Batoufam
Columbus Ohio - Anita M Diop Scholarship Winners
University of Yaounde 1 Anita M. Diop Scholarship Winners
Bogso Secondary School Tablet Donation
Cultural Promotions and Summaries
Spoken Word Artists and Entertainers
TV and Radio Interviews
The Executive Director, Professor Anita Diop Action Gallery

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