Summary of Events

2022 Summary of Events
Call for Artists for Theme Song for the CIC 2022 New African Thought

WHAT: The African Roots and Heritage Foundation in conjunction with CERDOTOLA is searching for an artist ( poet /singer) to write and perform the Theme Song for the CIC 2022 New African Thought Conference.

WHEN: Convening in Yaounde’ Cameroon, this October 25-28, 2022: encompassing the messages of the (NAT) NEW African Thought.

WHY: Both the lyrics, the music and motion picture will display intergenerational progress towards the advent of NAT and climax in its blossoming as of CIC 2022, thereby creating a legacy well beyond the event. The New African Thought (NAT) Theme Song must be recorded in video and submitted and selected to be performed at the event.

ENTRIES: Groups and single artists are acceptable. All entries must be recorded to perfection and submitted via the website: apply here or visit our website at and click on this link to apply: New African Thought Theme Song Submission. Please include your (1)Legal name, (2) Stage Name, (3)Email address, (4) phone number with Country/area code, (5) A brief description of your performance (6) Lyrics Written (7) Video File of your submission. You may use platforms like We Transfer, Youtube or any other large file transfer application to upload your NAT theme song.

GUIDELINES: (1) All content must contain African languages with French or English subtitles. (2) Be at least 3 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes in length. (3) Must be your own original lyrics, dance, music and videography.

DEADLINE: September 24, 2022 at 11:30 PM No late submissions will be screened.

CONTACT: Anita M Diop for more information or clarifications.

New African Thought (NAT) CIC 2022

October 25-28, 2022, Yaounde, Cameroon

CERDOTOLA (Center for Research and Documentation on Oral Traditions and Development of African Languages) under the leadership of Professor Charles Binam Bikoi, Executive Secretary and ARHF, (African Roots and Heritage Foundation) under the leadership of Professor Anita M. Diop, Executive Director enters into a partnership agreement to produce the CIC (CERDOTOLA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE) 2002 Convention for a NAT (New African Thought) Conference to convene in Yaounde, Cameroon Central Africa, this October 25-28, 2022. This conference will draw scholars worldwide to participate in this historical event.


Africa is sorely missing in contemporary thought... and yet Africa does not lack Thinkers... What does this paradox hold? One of the plausible explanations lies in the fact that "African thought" is backed by thought from elsewhere... In fact, what is commonly called "African thought" would only be a thought by proxy or under trusteeship, a thought in tow, a thought in the bonds or chains of dominant thought...

This state of affairs is not without consequences. At best, it erases the “African presence”; at worst, it perpetuates a world order that has been defined for several centuries already, in which Africa is excluded from the orbit of the realities that matter, with the African man being relegated “out of history”.

This state of affairs quite naturally justifies the "international division of labor" set in motion following the transatlantic slave trade and then the colonial adventure sealed in particular by the Berlin Conference, which made Africa the "property" of a handful of old Europe’s powers, a vast reserve of raw materials, natural as well as human.

The end of formal colonization has changed little in this reality: colonialism was simply transformed into a subtler ogre, one that confiscates African peoples’ desire for independence, proves uncompromising with the bearers of demands for authentic independence, and secures its power to place at the head of the continent's institutions docile and faithful servants of the said "international division of labor".

Thus is trapped Africa’s liberation thought. For African thinkers to be recognized and celebrated their works must be sanctioned by “metropolitan” dispensaries. The best African writers of course identify themselves with these dispensaries, swear only by them, and often only translate "the voice of the master". The elites are (and are pleased to stay) on a leash by the circles that have ennobled them: universities, training schools, research institutes, multinational firms, secret societies, religious congregations, various networks. Many Africans thus put Africa’s intelligence at the service of supposedly “universal” causes which are turned against their own interests. Sad observation!

Caricatural as it may seem, this observation not only indicates the nature of the challenge but constitutes a call to meet the challenge. The presumed thinkers being in chains, African thought needs to free itself, to regain its autonomy... And all sectors, all domains, all fields of expression of the living African humanity are summoned for this purpose. Economy, Ecology, Health, Education, Politics, Governance, Scientific Research, Technologies, Communication, Organization, Religion, are in need of being carried... by an "African thought" other than this universal instrumental thought responsible for this specific Africa’s ill that is the absence of thought. It is characterized by the fact that all the reference points are borrowed and transported through the multiple extroversion instilled or installed in the mental schemas of the colonial systems on which many African elites are dependent.

The time of Break and Re-composition is knocking at the door of History, as a condition for the much-desired African Renaissance. Only a New African Thought can assume the stakes and guarantee that Africa rises up to them.

This argument is enough to justify the 2022 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE which CERDOTOLA convenes around the major objectives below:

Enabling ideas to descend from the ethereal realms of the imaginary and extroverted metaphysical speculation, property of lecture halls and laboratories

Reconciling vision, existence and action in favor of Africa

Building ideologies of action and operationalisation of endogenous lived experience

Irrigating the existence of African peoples with faith in their humanity

Justifying the establishment of foundations of a competitive humanism of diversity and multi-polarity

“Decolonizing” the act of thinking and liberating thought from its confiscation by philosophers and the order of “philosophy” locked in the sole sense of foreign schools

Putting thought back at the heart and at the service of life as assumed wisdom, conceptualized action, planned dream, assumed project, enlightened praxis nurtured with African ethics and aesthetics.

The New African Thought thus posits itself as:

o Thought of renewal for Development without exclusion

o Thought of renewal to heal the ills of everyday life

o Thought as medicine for the compromised Aspirations of Peoples to ward off distress

o Thought as a system of production of innovative, inspiring and mobilizing ideas to contribute to the problematical, by Africa herself, of her Being-in-the-world.














Bantou International Summer Event First Edition

Rescue the Culture is the theme of this event taking place in Raleigh, NC on August 20, 2022. Professor Anita M Diop is the keynote speaker and will speak on the topic of "Preserving Cameroon Culture in America". Bantou International is a non-profit organization led by Georgette Adjie Beighle, a native to Cameroon of the Baka peoples in Eastern Cameroon. Their objective is to continue to legacy given to them from their parents and pass it on to the younger generation. 

The Event will showcase Cameroon's history, music, dance, food, language, clothing, art and much more.

For more information click on this link: website: 

Rescue the Culture Dance Performance 

Spoken Word Artistry 

Nigeria Study Tour

Vbo yere! Kedu! Luo! African Roots and Heritage Study Travelers Sankofa time again! We are ready to launch the Nigeria Study Tour. We will meet and greet some of Nigeria's Top Actors, Musicians, and local people and studying the history of the slave trade, by reconnecting with our Ancestral Roots through a Renaming Ceremony. Join us for another life changing experience by traveling with us
to Nigeria, known as the Giant of Africa, November 1-12, 2022

Meeting with Cameroon Ambassador

Professor Anita M Diop, Executive Director is invited to meet Ambassador Henri Etoundi Essomba and the Embassy of Cameroon on Monday, June 6, from 2 pm to 5 pm in the Embassy of Cameroon, located at 2349 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.

Africities Summit 2022

The Executive Director, Anita M Diop is invited as a Representative of the Diaspora and delegate of AIGC to the Africities Summit taking place in Kisumu, Kenya May 17- 21, 2022. She will speak on the healing and bonding between the Diaspora and the continent.

The Power of the Purse

April 27th, 2022

Macomb County Habitat for Humanity’s Annual Women’s Luncheon: The Power of the Purse

Italian American Cultural Society and Banquet Center

43843 Romeo Plank Rd, Clinton Township, MI 48038

11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

>> Purchase Tickets Here <<

Hosted by:

Maria Silamianos || Anna Craprotta || Sophia Merkouris

Anita Diop, Founder and Executive Director of the African Roots and Heritage Foundation

Patricia Lopez, Co-founder and CEO of Rose-A-Lee Technologies

Habitat Partner Family

Cameo Video Appearance with GiGi LaClouche

Professor Anita M. Diop makes a Cameo Dance performance with GiGi LACLOCHE in her debut Musical Video "Enseignant (Teacher)" on Mt. Febe in Cameroon, Central Africa, April 2022

#gigilacloche #leveildelesprit #bikutsi #culturefangbeti #cameroun

Click below to watch.

Enseignant (Teacher) 

International Conference on Slavery in Africa

Professor Anita M. Diop will present a paper at the University of Yaounde 1 entitled, "Reclaiming and the Establishment of the Cultural Identity of Cameroon's Historical Diaspora". During the International Conference on Slavery in Africa Knowledge and De- compartmentalization, convening April 19-21, 2022 in Yaounde, Cameroon Central Africa.

Global Day of Community Service Scholarship

April 15, 2022 was the Official Global Day of Community Service for the African Roots and Heritage Foundation, headed by Professor Anita M. Diop, Executive Director in partnership with the Department of African Literature and Civilizations, led by Professor Cecile Dolisane Head of the Department of the University of Yaoundé 1 in Yaoundé, Cameroon Central Africa. The Theme of the Conference was, “The Importance of Preserving African Languages at Home and Abroad.” The students actively engaged in a writing competition on the theme with the expectation of earning the Anita M. Diop Scholarship of Excellence. With enthusiasm the students expressed their thought on language through identity, culture, heritage, customs, traditions, preservation, business, technology and much more.

This event was endorsed by ACALAN-AU and garnered such notables as Professor Sammy B. Chumbow, President of the Assembly of Academicians of ACALAN – AU and Professor Charles Binam Bikoi, Executive Secretary of CERDOTOLA, Professor Florence TABE, HOD of Linguistics and others who spoke and emphasized and reiterated the theme. After a fiery presentation given by Professor Diop, the students expressed themselves with elevated knowledge of why preservation is so important for the youth of today to comprehend and take up the baton that is being passed on to them. Realizing that Africa is in the midst of its renaissance and one segment of that re-birth is language and understanding that essentially language is DNA coded.

During the final segment of the Professor Diop speech, the students took a vow. A vow of pride in their identity and commitment to always speak, learn, and even teach their native tongue to their offspring, siblings, and others. Being made aware that with modern technology, many African Languages are found on Google Play and at everyone’s fingertips.

The students, faculty, friends, family and others created a buzz after the program. Students of other departments wished for a future opportunity to share their thoughts on this critically important topic. The momentum will surely create a lasting initiative for both the African Roots and Heritage Foundation and the University of Yaoundé 1, other colleges, universities and civil institutions have expressed a desire for future collaborations.

All Essays collected are published in an Anthology, documenting history as it happens for the world to view, share and model. Capturing the collective mind and spirit of this body of students, who value their language, their culture, and willing with pride to suggest there is no better language to use than their own. In my opinion, we have successfully planted the seeds of the African Language Revolution on this date.

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation is based in the USA and is a 501(c) 3 and operates solely on donations, sponsorships and memberships. If you like to become a member, be a volunteer, or donor, please visit our website for more information. www.arhf. net Melissa Tondji Sophie Ngassa













Foreword - University of Women Wine Tapping

University of Women Wine Tapping, is a six character stage play that colorfully examines generational curses and bad karma as a result of decisions made that chooses lust over wholesome community values. The scene takes place in an Igbo village in the Ichida Kingdom of Nigeria, though it could be any village in Africa which makes it a universal drama which all can relate. The plot demonstrates youthful and reckless lust of the moment, germinating the seed of generational curses that will lay dormant until bad karma is mature and ready to take on its life form. It is through Kelechi, the protagonist that Mike Williams spins this tale of male lust, trickery, prowess, irresponsible handling of the family jewels. Through the relationship between Kelechi and Ifunaya we discover the power of “Wine Tapping”. Excessive wine tapping leads to underdevelopment of self determination, goals, drive, ambition, instability, doubt, cross words, insults, murder attempts, fighting, shame, violations of friendships, destruction of community values, and rejected children (family jewels).

The playwright shows Kelechi’s vision for success and a better life is tied into his children’s future. Having given his youth to “Wine Tapping” he never finished school to elevate his status or income. It is within his children that his dreams, ambitions, and hope will have an opportunity to redeem him. Unbeknownst to Kelechi that his family jewels would grow up and emulate his youthful past and destroy all hopes of a bright future. This play offers the message of bad karma as seeds of generational curses. We should take stock of our present deeds; they are seeds of our future. In simple terms, what goes around comes around when you have long forgotten. This literary work is engaging, comedic, dramatic, and thought provoking.

Professor Anita M. Diop, Executive Director

African Roots and Heritage Foundation, USA

February 2022

Amawzi African Languges Week Program January 28, 2022

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation designated as Representative of the Sixth Region joined with the southern Region of Africa to produce a curated program for African Languages Week at the Amazwi Museum of Literature in South Africa on January 28, 2022. Amazwi’ means voices in "isiXhosa" and the event will bring together many voices from the region including sign language, well which Naki includes in her spoken word as well as from the Diaspora. 

ARHF invited Diaspora Poet Naki Akrobettoe to perform her poem entitled, " Language called Love".

Language Called Love by Naki Akrobettoe 

From Tanzania joins us, Mizambwa Midauli Mdavudavu, with his spoken word Lugha Yangu- My language.

Lugha Yabgu - My Language 

Anita M. Diop also performs for ALW a selection of poems entitled, "I Lost a Whole continent", by the African American. and "I Remain tormented" by Esquire Selassie Atuwo of Ghana.

Diaspora poems on Language 

African Languages Week Coordinating Committee

The Executive Director, Anita M Diop participated in the Acalan's - African Union African Languages Week as a member of the African Languages Week Coordinating Committee Member ALWCC. The dates are January 24-30 of each year. This is a five year appointment. Her official profile can be viewed at the link below.

ALWCC Member Profile for Anita M Diop 

Film Project: Warrior- Spirit ChildTaking Back Our Earth!

Ushujaa: Mtoto wa kiroho kurudisha ulimwengu wetu!

Warrior: Spirit Child Taking Back our Earth!

African Roots and Heritage Foundation in partnership with Rithisha Sanaa (Heritage Arts)represented by Nena Tenacity in Bagamoyo Tanzania, has agreed to support the upcoming film project that uses ancestral memory and usage of native language to uncover the power of those things hidden or lost in the culture unknown to our first level of consciousness but buried deep and erected when mature. The message that this film delivers is timely and necessary for the Africana Renaissance. 

Warrior Spirit Child Taking Back Our Earth 


Professor Anita M. Diop has snagged a role as the lead character, Mam AJA in a film by Mike Williams entitled, Once Upon A Time In Gambia. Mam Aja is Wolof speaking storyteller, she uses her gift of gab to elevate the understanding of issues in the community.


2021 Summary of Events
Legacy Building

The African Roots and Heritage Foundation lead by Professor Anita M. Diop and Executive Director actively participates in many Global Pan African Events as a leading expert in the field of Culture and Arts.

This year started with an annual Birthday Fundraiser in February 2021 with all funds collected and donated for the Global Day of Community Service that provided Tablets and Wi-fi for the Bogso Secondary School in Cameroon.

In March 8-11, 2021, she was a guest speaker at the FIBE 2021 Festival at Bogso/Eseka Cameroon Central Africa, speaking on the theme of the Diaspora.

April 23, 2021, she was invited to the Consciousness and Capital show and spoke on the topic of Summer Learning Institute that was established in Tanzania at the Tsuba University.

On May 25, 2021, the Executive Director participated in Africa Day with Twende Afrika as a guest speaker in Uganda. The topic discussed was 'How to empower the Youth".

Professor Anita M Diop is humbled to participate as a panelist with the Historical Africa Cultural Centre USA on the African Union Year 2021 Theme: Art, Culture, and Heritage. July 17, 2021 in a
Virtual Conference.

In July 28-30, 2021 Professor Anita M. Diop was appointed the Ambassador of the Sixth Region to ACALAN AU for the Official launch of African Languages Week in Burkina Faso, West Africa. She presented a paper entitled, "The Importance of Preserving African Language At Home and Abroad".

July 31, 2021 the Executive Director was invited as the Closing Keynote speaker at the First International Conference on Cameroonian Studies and History at the University of Buea, Cameroon, Central Africa. Professor presented a paper entitled, "Reclaiming and the Establishment of the Culture and Identity of Cameroon Historical Diaspora".

While in Cameroon, Professor Anita visited many Kingdoms which was a rich cultural experience. August 14, 2021 she traveled to the Kingdom of Bana to meet the His Royal Majesty Fon Sylvestre SIKAM HAPPI V.

Later that month she traveled to the Fonboun Kingdom and met with His Royal Majesty Sultan Mbombo Njoya with a discussion on repairing the breach between Africans Americans and Cameroon . August 21, 2021.

August 26, 2021 visited the region of Simbock to visit Fobuzie Naah Ndeh Doris. Who is the Queen of Chomba. Chomba is the name of my husband's village. By birth she is from Mankon a neighboring village to Chomba. She works as a Vice Principal in her local school district. Queen fobuzie is from the Ethnic group is Ngemba and it the Location is Bamenda II subdivision of the NorthWest region of Cameroon.

August 31, 2021 meeting with Professor Anita M. Diop meets with Professor Ebenezer Njoh Mouelle, Ancien Ministre Representatant du Cameroon au Conseil Executif de L'Unesco, along with Professor Ceceile Dossaline of University of Yaounde 1. Yaounde, Cameroon Central Africa. Interesting conversations regarding the way forward for Africa. Yaounde, Cameroon.

Keynote speaker

July 31, 2021 the Executive Director was invited as the Closing Keynote speaker at the First International Conference on Cameroonian Studies and History at the University of Buea, Buea Cameroon, Central Africa. Professor presented a paper entitled, "Reclaiming and the Establishment of the Culture and Identity of Cameroon Historical Diaspora".

Foundational FundRaiser

This year started with an annual Birthday Fundraiser in February 2021with all funds collected and donated for the Global Day of Community Service that provided Tablets and Wi-fi for the Bogso Secondary School in Cameroon.

March Activities

In March 8-11, 2021, she was a guest speaker at the FIBE 2021 Festival at Bogso/Eseka Cameroon Central Africa.

Published in Five Languages

How Cultural Identity Culminates into Power to Effect Social, Economic and Political Change was published in the AU ECHO 2021 Annual Magazine. This magazine was translated and published in five languages.

African Academy of Languages

In July 28-30, 2021 Professor Anita M. Diop was appointed the Ambassador of the Sixth Region to ACALAN AU for the Official launch of African Languages Week in Burkina Faso, West Africa.