Baleng Kingdom Celebrates African Languages Week

Baleng Kingdom Celebrates African Languages  Week

HRM FÔ NEGOU II, Celebrates Negha Peh Long during African Languages Week in the (TCHWET) Baleng kingdom in Cameroun, Central Africa. January 26 -30, 2023 at the Foyer of the Royal Baleng Palace.  

Mafo Anita Marie, is excited to share this initiative with the Baleng People. She serves as a Represetative of the Sixth Region for African Languages Week Coordinating Committee for ACALAN - AU. The official meeting takes place in Dakar Senegal, where she will talk about the role of the Diaspora and African languages. She truly believes that, "when Africans speak their native languages, that we in the Diaspora hear the voices of our Ancestors."  

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