Featured Guest Lecturer Siphiwe Ka Baleka

Featured Guest Lecturer Siphiwe Ka Baleka

Siphiwe Ka Baleka is the ARHF's featured Guest Lecturer at the University of Yaounde 1, Yaounde Cameroon in the Department of African Literature and Civilization which is headed by Professor Dolisane Ebosse Cecile, Director. He discussed the African and African American diplomatic relations and the future of Africa.

The students received his discussion with much enthusiasm with questions and exploring more explanations.

While visiting Mr. Baleka had an opportunity to peruse the archives stored in the department. He deemed the archives should be accessible especially to those outside the continent, also suggesting an internship to digitized the collection.  

Mr. Siphiwe is a repatriated citizen of Guinea Bissau, having traced his roots back through the DNA testing. You can learn more about him and his DNA journey at www.balanta.org 

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